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Research Links: Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes: His Résumé

Sherlockian Marino C. Alvarez, a professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning of the College of Education and a senior researcher and director of the Exploring Minds Project in the Center of Excellence in Information Systems at Tennessee State University, devised a Résumé for Sherlock Holmes.

(PDF / 374 KBytes / 3 pages)

Favorite Sherlockian Poetry

Two poems have become cornerstones of the Sherlockian world: Vincent Starrett’s “221B” written in 1942 and William Schweickert’s “A Long Evening with Holmes” written in 1984. These poems are often recited at the beginning and/or end of a meeting and to Sherlockians, “it is always 1895.” Vincent Starrett and William Schweickert were respected members of The Baker Street Irregulars.

221B Download document
(PDF / 109 KBytes / 1 page)
A Long Evening with Holmes
Download document
(PDF / 82 KBytes / 2 pages)
Sherlockian Poetry Teaching Unit
with Word Search puzzles
Download document
(PDF / 333 KBytes / 8 pages)

Websites about Holmes

Sherlockian.net is Chris Redmond's comprehensive website. "Everything the Web offers about Sherlock Holmes is here."

A survey and review of Web sites and other Internet resources related to Sherlock Holmes, compiled by John Bergquist of the Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota.

Randall Stock’s focus is the best of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle with lists of "the best" Holmes stories and quotations.

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London offers an extensive and scholarly site with information on radio, television, and cinema as well as the news and events of this large and active Holmesian society.

BakerStreetDozen.com is maintained by Charles Prepolec of Calgary, Canada. It's a good site for Sherlock Holmes in books, film, TV, and radio. (and Smithsonian magazine supplies a quick review of famous Sherlock Holmes film actors.)

Camden House has the complete Sherlock Holmes stories and novels, "the largest collection of Holmesian graphics online," articles on music, musicians and composers in the Canon and other treats.

And speaking of pictures, Goode Press has an interesting site with full-color examples of Sidney Paget illustrations of some of the stories. (There are also interesting tales of hobos and riding the rails.)

The Baker Street Journal is the scholarly publication of the Baker Street Irregulars. The Baker Street Blog (not affiliated with the BSI) has some newsy notes and podcast interviews.

Carolyn and Joel Senter's website, Classic Specialties, has articles, events, and Sherlockian items for sale. Subscribe to their newsletter, The Sherlockian E-Times.

Willis Frick’s Sherlocktron has listings of Sherlockian publications and merchants. Although some links are no longer active, many are, so it's worth a look.

A Sherlockian society called McMurdo's Camp provides interesting "Story Info" on all the Sherlock Holmes stories. Great for comparing one tale to another.

MysteryNet.com, "the place for mysteries since 1995" has a section devoted to Sherlock Holmes.

The Encyclopedia Sherlockia discusses various items mentioned in the Holmes' stories, often with pictures.

Sherlock Holmes traveled all over London -- you can find out where on the CNN website that was released with the 2009 film.

Rob W. Hart makes a case for the "Sherlock-like Figure" as a literary model in his column on LitReactor.