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Elementary School

  • Sherlock Holmes visits Bill Ford Child Development Center -- ages 5 to 9
  • Regina Stinson and Roy Pilot, both Baker Street Irregulars, made an informal visit to a classroom. They showed a Daffy Duck movie and gave out Sherlock Holmes stickers and magnifying glasses.
  • "Sleuthing Through Books" — 3rd grade
  • 2012 Jan Stauber Grant: Marie Wright is a teacher at The River School in Washington DC, which offers inclusive and developmentally appropriate educational programs for children with and without hearing loss from birth through third grade. Students were introduced to Sherlock Holmes through the world of Geronimo Stilton, mouse author of a series of detective stories for young children.
  • Sherlock Holmes' Detective Class at the Toronto Public Library — ages 7 to 12
  • 2011 Beacon Award: Peggy Perdue, curator of the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection at the Toronto Reference Library and an active Sherlockian. She describes the detective theme of the 2009 Summer Reading Club program, designed for outreach to promote the Collection and introduce Holmes to elementary school readers.
  • Sherlock Holmes Comes to Clearview — 4th grade
  • 2012 Jan Stauber Grant: Andrea Coulter, Clearview Elementary School, Clear Lake, Minnesota got additional PTA funding to help her introduce her students to Sherlock Holmes.
  • Sherlock Holmes Mysteries — 5th grade
  • 2006 Beacon Award: Lynn Beaulieu and Kim Bartolo of the Fayetteville Manlius School System, NY had their advanced curriculum students read Sherlock Holmes and discussed deductive logic, forensic science, and the Victorian age. They were assisted by The Mycroft Holmes Society of Syracuse, who visited and provided research material.
  • Sherlockian Book Reviews — 5th grade to high school
  • Dr. Wayne Scott, a retired professor of English and American Studies, is a Sherlockian in Columbia SC. His book reviews are a regular feature on the website.
  • Scouting and Sherlock Holmes — 6th grade to high school
  • Colonel (later Lord Robert) Baden-Powell, the originator of the Boy Scouts in the UK, emphasized methods for training in observation and deduction. He called the latter of these skills "Sherlocking" or "Sherlock Holmesism." Baden-Powell's original army handbook became a craze-sensation among the British civilian population. Clubs of girls and boys sprung up all over Britain to play the games in the book and take the challenge to attain the same caliber of expertise as elite trained scouts.

Middle School

  • Teen Read Week — 6th - 8th grade
  • 2011 Jan Stauber Grant: Janelle Kelly, teacher at Big Stone City Middle School in South Dakota, collaborated with other teachers on forensic activities, book discussions and a guest speaker to focus on Sherlock Holmes during their annual Teen Read Week.
  • Sherlock Holmes Essay Writing Contest — 7th grade
  • 2008 Beacon Award: Watson’s Tin Box scion society has been sponsoring a writing contest on The Speckled Band since 2004.
  • Sherlock Holmes and Me: Mystery Story Podcasts— 7th & 8th grade
  • 2010 Jan Stauber Grant: Matthew Stark teaches grades 2-8 in Tanana, a rural 40-student school in mid-Alaska with 90% native American/Alaskan students. Communication technology can overcome isolation and distance in teaching, and this project used Sherlock Holmes as an introduction to mystery stories in general and the world of podcasting for students' own stories. 
  • Keeping the Memory Green (Being Sherlock Holmes) — 7th & 8th grade
  • 2004 Beacon Award: Jan Stauber spent over 10 years visiting classrooms in the guise of Sherlock Holmes, inspiring students and teachers to read about The Great Detective.
  • Hound of the Baskervilles Reading Project — 8th grade
  • 2005 Beacon Award: Myrtle T. Robinson and Dr Twyla Tuten with the Hansom Wheels of SC designed a reading program that excited and inspired middle school students.
  • Sherlock Holmes As A CSI [Hound of the Baskervilles]— 8th grade
  • 2010 Jan Stauber Grant: Susan Singer, St. Aloysius Elementary School, Pewee aValley, Kentucky, used The Hound to teach analytical reasoning in mystery writing.
  • Battle of the Books— ages 13-18
  • 2012 Jan Stauber Grant: Phillip McAndrew, YA librarian at the Williamson County Public Library in Franklin, TN had student teams read the four Sherlock Holmes novels and challenge one another in a competition.

High School

  • British Literature [Hound of the Baskervilles] Honors Class — High School
  • 2007 Beacon Award: Judith Howell started her students reading in the summertime and used The Hound to teach elements of literary analysis that carried through the rest of the year.
  • Sherlock Holmes, Critical Thinking and Forensic Science — High School
  • 2010 Jan Stauber Grant: Elizabeth Ketelle and Brad Mason, Golden Sierra High School, Garden Valley, CA. A special section of the school newspaper shows the remarkable scope of this well-planned project.
  • Literature in Forensics [Hound of the Baskervilles] — High School
  • 2010 Jan Stauber Grant: Linda Marchisio, Library Media Specialist, and Mary Rose Katuzney, Forensics Classroom Teacher, joined forces at Bacon Academy in Colchester, CT. Using The Hound to illustrate techniques of deductive reasoning in science for juniors and seniors, they successfully taught their course in the Fall and Spring semesters. 
  • Detective Fiction — High School
  • 2014 Beacon Award: Timothy S. Greer of the Memphis University School uses Sherlock Holmes and other detectives to strengthen students' cognitive abilities and foster critical thinking and writing skills. Lab exercises include the analysis of handwriting and forgery, bite marks, gunshot residue, and the use of dogs for tracking.


  • Humanities 101: Sherlock Holmes and Victorian England — College History
  • 2009 Beacon Award: Dr Tracy J. Revels of Wofford College has taught Victorian History for many years by using Sherlock Holmes to help her students become better writers and critical thinkers.
  • Sherlock Holmes and John H. Watson: A Literary Tour of their Universe — College Literature
  • Donald A. Petkus, Lecturer at Indiana University, developed his syllabus for college upperclassmen. His major focus is on the Canon with digressions into "The Game" of Sherlockian scholarship and scion societies.
  • Study Guides to Sherlock Holmes
  • 2012 Beacon Award: Bill Dorn taught his undergraduate students about the logical reasoning and adventures of Sherlock Holmes for 30 years. Dorn's Study Guides supply exercises in determining the date of an adventure, a vocabulary list of Victorian terms, puzzles or open questions for each story, and quizzes of varying degrees of difficulty.